September 24 – DAY CAMP

From Mr. Padgett:

Reminder to parents and students:

Saturday September 24 there is a DAY CAMP from 1pm to 8pm to finish Movement III of the competitive show “To The Stars” and add some finishing touches to the other movements! I believe the calendar that was handed out before I came on board states “Contest TBA” and then I handed out a calendar in August with all the rehearsal/camp/contest dates and it says “Rehearsal day.” PLEASE be sure you are aware of the adjustment and understand this is a crucial day in completing our product before we being our competitive season at River Bluff HS the following Saturday on October 1. Thank you so much!

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Summer 2017 Rehearsal Schedule


Please note the dates for summer rehearsals and band camp and plan your vacations accordingly.  It’s very important that you attend ALL rehearsals!

Tuesday July 11 – 5pm-8pm

Thursday July 13 – 5pm-8pm

Percussion /Guard Camp:  July 17-21 – 8am-6pm

New Member Camp: July 20-21 – 8am-12pm

Band Camp week 1:  July 24-28 – 8am-6pm

Band Camp week 2:  July 31-August 4 – 8am-6pm

Monday August 7 – 4pm-8pm

Tuesday August 8 – 4pm-8pm

Thursday August 10 – 4pm-8pm


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Sports-A-Rama Friday August 12

Here’s the itinerary for the Sports-a-Rama on Friday, August 12. We apologize for the short notice and it not being on the calendar, but we just found out about it the other day. Please make sure your student has eaten a good meal before they come to the school at 5:30PM since we are not sure if they will get an extended break or not. In case there is a break, you may want to send money with them to get something from the concession stand.

Sports-A-Rama Itinerary
Friday August 12, 2016
5:30pm – Call Time
Students should arrive with their band polos/khaki shorts/white socks and  white shoes on)
5:45 – Walk
6:00 – Warm up on practice field
6:30-9pm – In the Stands
9:00 – Walk back to band hall (Announcements en-route)
9:30 – Band hall closes

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Chaperone Training

Since there is no booster meeting this Tuesday, the chaperone training will begin at 7p.  If you haven’t turned in your volunteer forms to the main office, please do as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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Chaperone Training

The first chaperone training is this Tuesday, August 9 at 7p. Should take less than 30 minutes. If you want to chaperone, work with Hospitality or the Pit you need this training along with turning in your volunteer paperwork to the main office. Thank you!

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Back to School Bash

The Back to School Bash is Sunday, August 7th, 5p-7p, $10 for 2 games and shoes at JC’S Lexington Bowl. Band students, their families and friends are all invited.  We need to tell JC’s how many are coming so sign up as soon as possible! The sign up sheet is on the instrument room door.

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2016-17 Forms

2016 Pecknel Order Form

2016 Fall Fest and Open Car Show

2016 Volunteer Background Check

2016 Volunteer Consent Form

2016 Medication Permission Form

2016-17 Registration Packet

2016-17 Parent Dismissal Permission Slip

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Band Camp Survival guide

IMPORTANT!!! Please Read

Rookie Band Camp/Band Camp Survival List!

These are mandatory items that you will need for camp and for every rehearsal during the season. Please do not show up without them. They are for your safety and benefit. It will also allow camp to run smoother and more efficiently.

Please hydrate and eat breakfast before you come. Please stay away from dairy products! We start at 8:00 am so please be there no later than 7:45. If you are a student leader you need to be at the school at 7:00 am. To be on time is to be early!

•INSULATED (1 GA.) WATER COOLER – this MUST be at every rehearsal that takes place on the field the entire marching season. It is imperative that you stay hydrated and we will take numerous and fast water breaks. We don’t have time to continue going back and forth inside to get water. Please bring
Gatorade/Powerade in addition to water.
•Hat – this will be very important and will keep you from using a tremendous amount of energy squinting.
Sunglasses – in combination with hat
•Tennis shoes – NO SANDALS, FLIP FLOPS, basketball shoes ETC……
•Predominantly White Tshirt/Light Colored Shirt (Preferably)– This keeps us uniform and allows us to see form clearly. Also, keeps you cooler than colored shirts. If you don’t own this, it is ok.
•Athletic Shorts – NO JEANS OR JEAN SHORTS, khakis, cargo shorts etc…we are musical athletes and we need proper attire to train as such.
•Two pairs of socks- We may get caught in the rain on the field.
•3 ring binder with clear plastic sheets- Winds and Percussion only
•Sunscreen – two weeks of camp with a sunburn will be very difficult
•Bug Spray –mosquitoes are intense at dusk
•Mouthpiece, reeds, valve oil – all items that are necessary for your instrument to work properly, woodwinds should have at least 3-5 good reeds on hand.
•Warm Ups
•Show Music
#allin #pawsup

  1. Secaida Howell
    White Knoll Band Staff
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Pecknel day

Representatives from Pecknel Music will be at school Wednesday, August 3 at 12p. You can order Drillmasters (shoes), gloves and instrument related items. Payment is due when you place your order. Cash, check, and credit/debit cards accepted. Here’s a link to the Pecknel order form.

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2016 Fall Fest and Car Show

Here’s a link to the Fall Fest flier.

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