You and your student will have many opportunities to take part in fund-raising activites to support the band.

While some fund-raisers are intended to support the band’s general operating fund, others are specifically designed to help offset the cost of the student’s band fees. Most families pay for all or nearly all of their band fees by participating in these fund-raising opportunities.

Fund-raisers provide the opportunity to work together with fellow and band members and their parents, and are a great way to make new friends.

The following fund-raisers will be continued from last year:

  • Sponsorships. Sponsorships are 100% profit in your student’s account, up to the cost of band fees and/or Winter Ensemble fees each year. Amounts in excess of fees will be split 50/50 between the student’s account and WKBB.
  • Fruit Sales and Holiday Poinsettias. Annual fruit sales are held in October and February of every year. Students receive 100% of the profit from their sales in their student account.
  • Concessions. Concessions for various entertainment events throughout the area are a major revenue source for the band program, and are profitable for both the band itself and the individual students who work the concessions events. Concessions can be at Colonial Center, USC Football games, USC Baseball games, Blowfish games, and others. You sign up for these in Charms.
  • Participating Restaurants. A number of area restaurants give a percentage for their total sales during a designed time period. These events will be posted on the website closer to the event date.
  • Ink and Toner Recycling. There is a recycling box for ink and toner cartridges in the band room. Please donate only new cartridges that have not been previously recycles or refilled.
  • Car Washes.  This is a great opportunity for individual sections to perform team-building. The donations received from car washes goes directly into the student band accounts for those who work it.
  • Publix Partners Program. With a WKHS Band Boosters key card, a portion of your purchases will be credited to the band. When the band accrues $250 in earnings, Publix send us check. The key cards will be distributed during a parent meeting. If you do not receive one and want one, contact the fund-raising committee at

The following is a list of new fund-raisers currently under development for the 2014-15 band year:

If you have skills to develop any of the above ideas, or wish to submit an idea of your own for consideration, we are happy to hear it. Contact with your idea. You will likely get drafted to help with its implementation.

Details for each event will be posted as soon as they are finalized.   We will need lots of help to make these events a success.