Centerplate Concessions

Concessions work has traditionally been a major fund-raiser for our band program.  These include a variety of events at the Colonial Center and USC baseball games.

For concessions events, students (and anyone working on their behalf) earn points towards money for their band account.  Money is earned each time you or anyone works on your behalf in a 60%-40% student-general fund split.   Monies in the band account may be used towards future band fees and trip fees.

CenterPlate owns the concession rights  for the Colonial Center events and both USC football and baseball events. As of the 2015-16 band year, students 14 and older (and parents and siblings 14 and over) can work at these events. Students 18 and older can work as cooks, and parent volunteers are always needed for stand manager, head cashier, cooks, and food preparation.

All concessions events can add substantially to your student’s band account.

To volunteer for these events, regularly check the Charms calendar and click the Events List icon.  Use the drop-down box at the top of the page to see what positions are needed for upcoming events and to sign -up to work.


Students 14 and up are allowed to work, under 16 accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian.

Parking is in the 5th level of the Discovery parking garage Park St. (across the street from the Colonial Center).

Dress Code: Solid white collared shirt–no t-shirts–black ankle length pants, no shorts, no capris. Closed toe shoes with non slip soles. No sandals, no flip-flops, no open toed shoes. Dress Code will be strictly enforced. NO BLUE JEANS. Black denim jeans are allowed. No orange or other team logos are allowed. Polo style shirts are acceptable.

We are allowed to bring courtesy cups. No orange or other team logos allowed.

We are working for CenterPlate–staff and management may enter our stand and give instructions at any time.  Therefore we are courteous at all times.



The Colonial Life Arena
801 Lincoln Street
Columbia, SC 29208

USC Baseball
Carolina Stadium
431 Williams St
Columbia, SC 29201