Important Changes to Football Fridays!

Football Fridays have two important changes this year! Be sure to remind your students and help them to be on time for the games! As always, we really appreciate the help of great band parents like you!

  • First, students are to go home from school on football Fridays. They will eat, shower and dress at home. They are to report back to the band room by 5:30 PM ready to line up. ¬†The band students are to report wearing their under armor, black socks and black marching shoes. Hair should be up in a sock bun for those whose hair is long enough. The color guard students are to report wearing their body tights and undergarments, bling shirt and maroon shorts from the accessories pack this year, track pants and jazz shoes. More details will be provided as we get closer to our first football game.
  • Second, this year 3rd quarter meals will no longer be provided. Students will have time off after half-time (if performing during half-time) and 3rd quarter break. They can bring a snack in their bag for the break, bring cash for the concessions stand, or a parent can bring food to be given to the student during the break (not during time in the stand). The students are required to be back in the band section of the stands in their seats with 2 minutes left on the clock before the 4th quarter.
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