March-A-Thon – Saturday, August 26th – Updates & Reminders!

Important Reminders for March-A-Thon on Saturday, August 26th

Summer Uniform: NEW Polo, Khaki Shorts, White Socks & White Shoes
Guard Dress: Section Shirts, Black Shorts, (Mostly) White Tennis Shoes

 Aug 26th Schedule and Approximate Neighborhood Times

7:15 a.m. Band Hall Opens

7:30 a.m. Warm-up Begins

7:45 a.m. Band will load the buses

7:50 a.m. Buses Depart

8:05-8:50 a.m. Hunters Mill (approximate time)

9:15-9:55 a.m. Manors of White Knoll (approximate time)

10:10-10:40 a.m. Pit stop back at WKHS to cool down with frozen fruit (approximate time)

11:00 a.m.-12:10 p.m. Longs Pond Estates (approximate time)

12:30 p.m. Dismissal/Band Hall Closes

Breakfast and Pit Stop Snacks to Bring

Middle School Grades: Granola Bars (box) or Muffins (dozen)

Freshman: Fruit (apples, oranges, bananas, etc, enough for 6-10)

Sophomores: Granola Bars (box) or Muffins (dozen)

Juniors: Juice Boxes (package)

Seniors: Grapes or Berries, Frozen in Snack-sized Baggies (dozen)

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